We like to think the credit card commercials say it best as they travel the world giving prices for different things we can not put a value on. The service and importance our staff and guides put into making your private Costa Rica Adventure to be at a supreme level of service is what could be labeled as "priceless".

Costa Rican Resource unfortunately is not the lowest price tour company on the market. Nor do we consider ourselves the most expensive. Because of our small volume, very personalized service, and working within Costa Rican laws and regulations, we cover all expenses while allowing us to make a modest living and continue getting our guest out into the natural world while experiencing the best of Costa Rica at legendary service from start to finish.

For any reason if you feel the price of an itinerary is too high we are always willing to try and work with you to try and find a price that fits. Be it a change of hotels, number of days, or simply cutting back on the number of tours and adventures. There are always ways to adjust the itinerary.

The average tour runs $200's a day per traveler. This could be higher or lower depending on lodging and includes all lodging, private transportation, private adventures with your personalized naturalist tour and adventure guide, most of your meals, and the fine extras of traveling with Costa Rican Resource which include customized itinerary books, water bottles, your own towels, and life long friends in Costa Rica which we like to think is "priceless"!