Your Brain on Nature?

They say to be careful with anything that sells itself as a quick fix but in the midst of environmental issues, rapid urban growth, and mental disorder crisis now is probably a good time to maybe consider a quick fix

written by: Eva Selhub MD &  Alan Logan ND

written by: Eva Selhub MD & Alan Logan ND

option. Here is an article with some very optimistic news and studies of what our society might be missing to fix it all.

In the last hundreds years theories have come from all over the world telling us the benefits of nature for humans. Today we have sophisticated brain imaging techniques that have turned these theories into test and the results are literally mind-blowing!

In the recent book “Your Brain on Nature” Dr. Alan C. Logan argues that we need to be attend to our ancient respect and love for nature. In ancient times we directly depended on nature for survival and today (in urban living times) we indirectly depend on it which often makes us forget about it. Our detachment from nature is not helping our planet and in return not helping us.

Just seeing vegetation the brain associates with feelings of stability, empathy, and love while seeing Urban settings the brain associates this with fear and stress. Not to say that Urban settings are bad but studies talk of the importance of having a view from your office or even a plant on your desk! Other suggestions are lunch at the park instead on inside. Minor changes can make a big difference.

Costa Rica is often voted in the top 10 as the happiest countries on the planet and it is often thought to be related to the amount of biodiversity and interaction the locals have with the natural environments.

If you want more information of some of the proven facts that have come from the many different studies. Check out the book “Your Brain on Nature” and we can assure that you will look at life a little different and want to treat yourself and your brain to a little time outdoors. Your Brain on Nature by Eva M. Selhub MD and Alan C. Logan ND

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