Why You Should Cancel Your Trip to Costa Rica!

1.) No place to sit on the Beach! – Arrival of Sea Turtles in Ostional – This is one of the most fascinating natural phenomenons you will find anywhere in the world. During the months of September and October thousands and thousands of Sea-Turtles come to the shore during day-light hours to lay their eggs.

2.) STRESS! – Happy and low stress levels – might be hard for adapting for many of us. Since things are done at more of an island pace and the go go go rat-race policy does not apply for much of Costa Rica this could leave you with many moments during your vacation where you are asked just to sit, relax, take a breath, and repeat the famous Pura Vida Matra of Costa Ricans.

3.) Food!!! – Very easy to find unprocessed food – due to the fact of having the option to eat some of the most tasty fruits and vegetables along with a long list of unprocessed food this could cause your family picture in Costa Rica to have the affect of making everyone look 10 years younger and feel healthier than ever.

4.) Decisions! – Costa Rica has two coastlines on the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The decision of having to choose between the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the mountain meets the sea of the Pacific may affect your health and cause levels of stress and unable to make a decision causing the tourist-freeze affect leaving you frozen for days just minutes outside of the Costa Rican Airport.

5.) High Risk! – It has happened to thousands of us. If you visit Costa Rica there is a high probability you will not want to leave. If you do leave it will not be long before the beautiful beaches, amazing people, and enchanting natural wonders have you coming back for a second, third, and maybe a retirement visit!

6 comments on “Why You Should Cancel Your Trip to Costa Rica!

  1. That’s AWESOME! I’m lucky enough to be going there for a second time in just a few weeks! It’s amazing- one place I will NEVER mind visiting again! Do you really also plan travel? We may be able to use some assistance! (The “decisions” component above DEFINITELY has me searching through all hours of the night for the best advice I can find!)

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