Why People Love Nayara Hotel Costa Rica?

Well it can’t be all about the perfectly cone-shaped volcano sitting infront of it nayara2because every hotel in the area has the same volcano. Could it be because it is on a former cattle farm that was stripped of it’s rainforest for the beef industry and later turned into a resort when the tourism boom came? No, because almost every hotels in the area of the La Fortuna volcano has the same history.

The reason everyone loves the Nayara Hotel and it gets comments on tripadvisor that Heaven would have a tough time competing with is for a number of reasons. First of all it’s the wood steps when you walk in. In and around Costa Rica be it for whatever reason concrete has been the choice of building, steps, and walkways. In Nayara they went heavy on the wood. I would like to think it was all fallen trees and no rainforest was destroyed to build Nayara but it is there.

We have the wood, and then you have the rooms. The rooms are big, very well decorated, large balcony’s, and very private. It has everything you are looking for when you want to just be in an intimate moment or get smacked in the face with luxury and a few WOW! moments as you walk through your room looking at all the amenities. nayara1

It is for the reasons above that Nayara is what it is today. The food is good but it’s not going to be the reason you go back 2 or 3 even 3 times as we have had guest go. The service is excellent but lets be serious we all love excellent service and it will keep us away from a place if it is not good. Service can also bring you back to a place if it is over the top amazing (as Nayara might be not trying to knock the staff) but my personal feeling for why this hotel is just hitting 90 – 100% occupancy on low and high season is for the “wood”, the rooms, and the layout of the rooms with relation to the manicured gardens. Those are my thoughts and according to our last group that traveled with us they agree as their 8 year old son got a picture with the President of Costa Rica while she was staying at Nayara.

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