When to Travel with Families in Costa Rica?

When visiting Costa Rica with your family there are three factors that come into play with what time of year you visit. They are weather, crowds, and cost. All three of these vary throughout the year.
  • The weather in Costa Rica is rainy and dry. With the rainy season from May to December and the dry season from December through April. Don’t let this deter you because as you will see later on we think the best time to travel with family is in the rainy season. Most of the rainy season is just an afternoon shower with 70% of the day blue skies. This leaves plenty of time for morning activities and an afternoon nap during a tropical rain shower.
  • The second factor is crowds. The crowds as you would expect are at their peak during the holidays and spring breaks. Not only are places crowded with foreign visitors but the locals take to the beaches and mountains for a little R&R also. Pretty much during any other time of the year you will notice that crowds are not much of an issue unless you are driving in San Jose during rush hour.
  • If price is an issue then the rainy season is the bargain time for you. In tourism we refer to it as the green season so as not to deter tourists from visiting. It really is a great time around August to November. Also the summer season of the Caribbean beaches is September and October. Here you will have the entire beach to yourself on white sandy beaches. You can expect about a 20% – 30% discount in different parts of Costa Rica during the green season.

Make the best of your Costa Rican family vacation. If you have the luxury to pick your dates try to avoid the crowd and we would suggest the first week of the green season. Depending on the area this is late August or early September.

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