What is your Vacations Footprint?

Lets start out by saying the Carbon Ton you blast out of the jet you fly down to Costa Rica is enough to get you a larger footprint than most people in Sub-Saraha Africa can make in an entire year. So the question comes into play as we start to see the affects of climate change it will be the people of Bangladesh that get flooded who really at no point have ever had a noticeable sized footprint but those of us that take a few vacations every year and travel internationally have footprints that surely add to the causes of climate change.

The question is now at what point do we say “STOP TRAVELING” nothing good is coming out of it except a few stories to tell back home or can we tweek this a little to say “START TRAVELING” ┬áso you can see exactly what the rest of the world is like and expand your mind a bit and get out of the tunnel vision of everything will be fine, my vacations don’t have an affect. Well we have used up all those excuses and now we are getting to a tipping point where everything matters. This is why it is now more important than ever to re-learn how to travel.

I often hear the quote of being a traveling and not a tourist. Just think of the difference in footprints between going on a cruise and an eco-vacation to some country. If we want to keep traveling the way we do we have to learn to step out of our comfort zone every once and awhile. It will be good for us, our kids, and ultimately the planet which have given you the planet to enjoy and borrow from them until it is their’s.

One things we always try to make a part of every trip is getting our guest to think not in “This is our PLANET!” type of domain manner but thinking more on an equal playing field with nature. We like to take our clients on a trip where they can look at problems our planet is facing and see that nature itself has found solutions to these problems and is doing it completely sustainably. It is another long subject and I could raddle off for days on talking about biomimicry but we will hold off until next time.

Lets just try and remember what kind of footprints our vacations leave and that if traveling green is just a fad that is passing then it might be the last traveling fad we get…

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