Trouble with No Population Growth in Costa Rica?

If you talk to anyone that has not had their head in the sand for the last 10 years you have heard that our planet is over populated. If you look at the demographics you realize that this is mostly in the poorer regions of our planet. I don’t want to sound extreme but yes our planet is over populated for the life-styles we live (The American Dream). It is funny to me that ants outweigh humans by more than 4 x’s in biomass but nobody is complaining that we have too many ants. The reason is that ants have learned to live sustainably, its that simple!

Reason Population did Not Grow Much in Last Decade

The Costa Rica sensus came out from 2000 – 2011 and to some people it was a surprise that the Costa Rica we know of rural families having 15 – 20 kids seems to be ways of the past. The population in Costa Rica really did not grow and the main reason was more well educated females. The “Ticas” are staying in school longer, becoming more educated, and having big careers and small families.

Problems Costa Rica could Face…

Why would this be a problem in Costa Rica that the population has slowed it’s growth. Well if you brag about having one of the longest life expectancy in the world and a slowing of population growth that is a perfect ingredient for future trouble. The reason is because who will take care of the old people. We will have more elders living longer lives and less children around to take care of them. Do you country a favor today and go have a baby that is educated on living sustainable! I listed below the population of the sensus of each of the 7 provinces:

San Jose - 1.4 million

Alajuela - 800,000

Heredia - 400,000





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