Traffic in Costa Rica (The American Dream)

When I first moved to Costa Rica back in 1999 I was informed that there were a total of 750,000 vehicles in the country at the time. My travels from the town of Alajuela to the center of San Jose would be an almost traffic free bus ride anytime of the day.

Over a decade later things have changed. I really have no idea how many cars are in Costa Rica but I did hear that just 6 years after my arrival their were double the 750,000 with a total of 1.5 million. I believe these stats because you could see, feel, and hear the imports of more and more cars. I for one am responsible for importing two vehicles in that time span thinking I could save some money on the 40% tax all cars have.

It turns out Costa Rica is turning into the urbanized, educated, proffesionalized, and need I say more Americanized society that having a home and car is completing the American dream. What would happen if every human on Earth completed the American dream? First of all experts say we would need 7 more planet Earths for this so called “American Dream”.

When I am sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for hours on end and it is not even rush hour here in the Central Valley of Costa Rica I really don’t feel the “Dream” of having a car it is more like a nightmare. I decided to sell my car and do public transportation. With a kindle in hand it was amazing how much you could get done by taking a bus. I can assure you if I had an efficiency expert come to our office he would mention that taking public transportation is more efficient than driving on your own because now with iphones, internet, and other electronics you can use your 2 hours of public transportation as two hours of work.

Because of this I recently bought one of our secretaries an iphone 4 and she is able to get plenty of work done on the bus that before she was just looking out the window. Just like many things happening in the world today with the exponential growth somethings will feel like a dream at first but more will turn into a nightmare. It will be up to us to figure out how we can and will adapt to the changing world because at the present moment nobody seems to want to change their ways. People will start to think differently and change but the question is will it be too late. Continue reading the next post with changes our world will be seeing soon due to climate change & global warming.

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