The Springs Resort vs. Nayara Hotel Spa & Gardens

I have to be honest when we have families that are looking for luxury or a honeymoon couple that wants to stay in the top spot then Nayara is our choice. Unfortunately it is often full and some travel dates are not flexible so you have to go with the second option. The second option in the are would have to be The Springs because of it’s rooms and view.

The benefits of Nayara is that it has better access, better food, and the layout is more horizontal.

The Springs does not have the best food but more things to do on the grounds, and a much larger Resort type feeling.

One comment about The Springs that we often hear is that the food is not on par with the rooms. The rooms are some of the finest you will ever stay in but the food is still a work in progress it seems. Don’t worry there are many places we can take you out to eat in the town of La Fortuna like the Don Rufinos or Donde Perla for a very tasty, fancy, and 1/2 the price of The Springs meal. Another comment on The Springs and this is more of a personal one is that they used too much concrete. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “monolith” as it is concrete ontop of concrete for about 5 stories. It does have some nice wood finishings and you might not even notice the concrete because they make it look like rocks just as they do in their sister property at The Waterfall Gardens.

I can not imagine you would be bummed staying in either or and both are of high end lodging but all in all it just depends what you are looking for. The Springs might have a little more to do for the kids but Nayara is certainly a WOW-Factor when it comes to small and luxurious although I hear they are doing another 30 rooms which would put them up around 70 so bye bye to the days of having Nayara as a small and cozy place. Maybe atleast they will have rooms available for more dates as they are always slammed.

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