The Secret is Out in Costa Rica…

For many years the sky blue river of Rio Celeste in the northern part of the country has been said to have it’s magestic blue color because of the nearby Tenorio Volcano. It was thought that the activity of the volcano was filling the river with different concentrations of minerals. These minerals were resulting in a mixture that

Rio Celeste and All Her Aluminosilicates Glory!

Rio Celeste and All Her Aluminosilicates Glory!

made the appearance of this river an enchanting neon sky blue color that has attracted tourist from all over the world. Well we have recently found out that our guess was a little off.

One of the beauties of nature is that we probably will never completely understand her. She is full of many magical wonders and secrets that keep scientist always guessing and looking for the answers. In a recent study Scientist from the University of Costa Rica and the University Nacional think they have cracked the case for this particular mystery.

The new study shows that aluminosilicates are covering the rocks on the floor of the river. The aluminosilicates are a combination of aluminium, silicon, and oxygen. The combination of these three elements are capable of absorbing all colors of sunlight except blue. It is the rejection of the blue rays that creates the sky blue colour to the human eye.

We have to find it amazing the nature can paint a river one of the most miraculous blue colors we will ever find without using any chemicals or toxins in a 100% sustainable manner. Maybe she is letting us in on this secret so we can apply this method to our industrialized world? The Blue Morph Butterfly has a similar story…

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