The Best Travel Company on Earth…

This is a good questions and being the owner of a small adventure tour company in Costa Rica I would have to go ahead and list myself at the top and although I might lack the international spotlight I can assure you that one day I will get there. I take nothing as serious as making each and every vacation the perfect experience for your family with safety always first and a close second having fun!

Let’s be serious though my company Costa Rican Resource is not getting voted the top travel company on Earth for atleast 5 years down the road, hehe I’m not losing hope just yet. Most people will go by the articles published by National Geographic on their list of the top adventure companies on the planet and I will have to say they do a pretty good job. Although I do not know all of the one’s they mention the few they have mentioned in areas I know I can agree 100% with their findings.

You also can not forget to mention the larger corporate companies like GAP Adventures and many others that in their own right are excellent tours but in a sense more excellent in growing businesses.

Just stop for a second and think of all the amazing tour companies that have not made the spotlight but are run to perfection on a small level out of the lime-light. These small companies you might never find but you just might be lucky enough to stumble across some of these smaller local companies that are the true Spirit of ecotourism. Although we consider ourselves one of the small companies here at Costa Rican Resource we also enjoy using even smaller companies during your visit to Costa Rica that are made up for literally one employee of guide, owner, marketer, and laid back Tico.

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