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Costa Rica versus Mexico Vacation

Today the topic will be a Costa Rica Vacation versus a Mexico Vacation. We will list this in a simple bullet point going over a few of the main differences. We don’t plan to assign a winner because it just depends on what type of family vacation you might be looking for.


Mexico Vacations

Mexico Pros:

  • More Resort Options
  • Better Snorkeling
  • Mexican Food has more spice
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Probably will find better deals (closer to continental US & sells to mass markets)

Mexico Cons:

  • Large Crowds
  • Dry Terrain
  • Not much wildlife
  • The water can give you the runs!

Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica Pros:

  • More diverse in it’s natural beauties
  • Smaller Eco-vibe
  • Not as touristy (yet some parts are getting there)
  • Overall better adventure Sports

Costa Rica Cons:

  • Slightly farther away
  • Snorkeling is nothing to get too excited about