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One of the Healthiest Spots in Costa Rica

If you have heard the sang “you are what you eat” and you have ever stopped for a second to consider the benefits of a healthy diet then we found a place that will literally shock your mind and senses.
The Finca Luna Nueva Farm is located about 30 minutes from the Arenal Volcano and is a certified biodynamic farm. Some of the finest minds in science have passed through this farm with meetings, studies, and advances in the farming industry that have been respected on a worldly scale.

The farm is a bit of a hush hush and was started by a farmer from the US as a tumeric farm. It then evolved into a hang out to some of the most elite scientist and doctors involved in the benefits of well-being and nutrition. It was just in recent years Finca Luna Nueva Lodge has opened its doors to the tourism industry.

I picked up two bottles of ginger syrup made on site mixed with honey (they have bees also) since I was in the area. I take a spoon full each day. If you don’t know the jaw-dropping scientifically proven benefits of ginger, stay posted because we will be giving a bullet list in next weeks newsletter.

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