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Costa Rica Vacation versus Belize Vacation

If your looking to head to the tropics on your next vacation chances are you might be thinking of a cruise, Mexico, or two of the faster growing vacation options which are Costa Rica and Belize.

Having lived in Belize for three years and now on my 10th year owning an adventure travel company in Costa Rica I think I can give a pretty good opinion on comparing the two. I’ve set this up in bullet points to make it an easy comparison so you don’t have to be bored by my rambling. If I had to pick between the two destinations I would say save up enough money and go to both!

Comparing Costa Rica Vacations to Belize Vacations

- Starting with the basics. Belize speaks English and Costa Rica speaks Spanish.

- No doubt Belize has the better diving and snorkelling. While Costa Rica has two coast you wont see as much as you will in Belize.

- Belize has more archeological sites and Mayan Ruins. Costa Rica has a few but not as impressive as those found in Belize.

- Costa Rica has more exciting adventures from whitewater rafting to ziplining. Belize offers these also but because of Costa Rica’s terrain (rising high elevation quickly off the coastline) we have to say Costa Rica wins in the adventure sport category.

- Costa Rica has more options to stay in luxurious hotels and different ecolodges but for the size of Belize it also has a number of excellent places to stay.

- Costa Rica offers more variety of different places to visit including a large selection of active volcanos.