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2 Things Costa Rica Nature wants you to Know…

As mentioned in my last post when we have clients on trips we always want them to develop a respect for nature. One way we do this is tell our clients the things nature can do better than humans have been trying to do things. Some examples would be:

1.) KingFisher Bird seen on most of our rafting trips enters the water w/o making a splash. The bullet train Tokyo was re-designed to mimic the beak of the KingFisher allowing the train to get better mileage by 15% and not making a sonic boom sound everytime it entered it’s tunnels. AMAZING!!! 1-point for nature!

2.) The Blue Morph Butterfly which you can see all over Costa Rica at lower elevations is one of the most colorful displays of blue you will see in all of the natural world. The Butterfly uses no pigments but simply has it’s wings structured with microscopic reflectors that bounce the sun’s light off it’s wings and to the human eye we see a beautiful display of blue which actually is only the reflecting frenzy of sunlight on the wings of the butterfly.

There are many more examples of this from ants, sloths, trees, and so much more it is just a matter of taking a minute and looking into the natural world and giving it a little respect for the work it has been doing for the last 3.8 billion years trying to adapt to it’s environment. Maybe we should start adapting?