Starting a Business or Marriage in Costa Rica

There are many books and blogs that can inform you on starting a business in Costa Rica. I feel I have worked hard enough to be able to write a short blog of starting a business in Costa Rica. First of all I will tell you I have seen it all as I invested all my eggs in one-basket in a restaurant in a mall called Paseo de Las Flores and it turned out to be a fraudulent deal. The two owners of the restaurant I bought it from had fled the country the day after the cash transaction was made of $140,000′s. This was my entire savings and I have been working hard for the last 5 years to try and make up for getting burned. As anyone in business knows it is hard to try and grow your business and build a nest egg at the same time.

Just 6 months ago I thought I had earned back my $140,000′s as  I still had no where near that in the bank but I fell in love with a girl and we had plans on getting married. It turns out I got stood up at the alter 3 weeks before our wedding. She was a very well educated Costa Rican, her father was mayor of the area of La Fortuna, and a well to do family. It turns out she ran away with some other guy and end of story. I am now full speed ahead offering amazing family and student vacations to Costa Rica working hard on convincing the rest of this Blue Earth that we have to start changing the way we live and THINK becuase business as usual is going to doom much more than your money, business, or love affairs.

If you decide to start a business in Costa Rica there are many oppportunities but I can say from experience that all you have to do is be careful. Along with being careful be patient. I have as a rule of thumb now that I do not get involved in any business until I let it sit for 6 months. Some like to strike while the iron is hot but believe me you can burn the hell out of your hand down. Take this advice from a business standpoint and if you fall in love in Costa Rica which many do and many have loving lasting relationships with beautiful spouses and I wish I knew how to tell somebody how not too get burned in a relationship but quite frankly it happens in every country and to every kind of guy so I tell people it is like the rip currents hear in Costa Rica, you don’t want to get in too deep because you will get swept away and you don’t even see it coming.


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