Small Distinctive Luxury Hotels of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that boast of it’s conservation efforts. In working in the ecotourism industry we see over 25% of Costa Rica has protected land but we all know it is what goes on to the land that is not protected that is just as important. Becoming a tourist hotspot Costa Rica seems to be split between the Guanacaste Mega-Resorts and very different type eco-friendly eco-lodges. For many people the Mega-Resorts are just too much and for others the Eco-lodges although some very luxurious are unfortunately a little too much jungle for their taste.

The Difference you will Find…

There are a chain of hotels in Costa Rica that have formed a group called the Small Distinctive Luxury Hotels of Costa Rica and it is a perfect blend of luxury, on a small scale, and at the same time very eco-friendly. Working in private family vacations for the last 11 years the I have seen this group of hotels grow as the idea of being small with excellent service and the utmost luxury seems to be a trend that goes best with Costa Rica. All of the nine hotels included in the Small Distinctive Hotels of Costa Rica are amazing in their own distinct self. You can find them from being beachfront to hidden in the mountains, cloudforest, or in the center of the capital city of San Jose.

Small Distinctive Hotels of Costa Rica

The nine hotels that make up this group can be an easy pick for anyone on a vacation that wants luxury but not a large commercial project. Here is a list of the nine hotels:

1.) Cuna del Angel, Dominical

2.) Arenas del Mar, Manuel Antonio

3.) Flor Blanca, Santa Teresa

4.) Casa Turire, Turrialba

5.) Playa Nicuesa, Golfo Dulce

6.) Peace Lodge, Vara Blanca

7.) Villa Caletas, Jaco

8.) Capitan Suizo, Tamarindo

9.) Grano de Oro, San Jose

2 comments on “Small Distinctive Luxury Hotels of Costa Rica

  1. Hi Tom

    I have elected to write to you, primarily because I concur with your sentiments in the above article you posted.

    Having said that – I am also writing to inquire whether you would be willing to mentor my wife and I.

    Firstly by phone and then by way of a breakfast or lunch during our visit to C.R. Appreciate that your time is valuable ad will certainly not detain you for long.

    We are contemplating;

    a.) moving to either the OROSI or TURRIALBA VALLEY.

    b.) building a five unit “TENTED ECO-LODGE” – (high-end market), with the view to servicing. The tents we
    envision setting-up will be approx 1,200 SQFT (118 sqm).

    c.) both the MEDICAL TOURIST and “extended” TOURIST (three night minimum)

    d.) “FF& E” will be high-end and luxurious – each tent being secluded and quiet offering maximum privacy

    e.) supporting the “local” restaurateurs (rather than competing with them by adding our own restaurant)

    Our concern is “LOCATION”? Spoke to a couple of tour operators and they are not infused (bullish) on TURRIALBA /OROSI. Their view being there is “nothing musch” in that sub-market for tourists to Turrialba.

    Yet I noticed that you include TURRIALBA in two of your tours. Again – this is why I would like to get your council.

    In anticipation Tom – my very sincere gratitiude


    (310) 967 9601

    • Pierre,

      Great to hear from you. Sorry its been tough for us to contact. I tried the email you filled out on the form and it was returned to us. Moving on I have ot say I love your idea of a small ecolodge in the turrialba area. I have some interesting feedback. First of all I think its one of the most beautiful untouched areas of Costa Rica with great people and a smoking volcano, rivers, and no fast food or over development like everywhere else. I also have just finished building a small ecolodge myself in the area for a much different market. This is part of the reason I have been out of contact. Our property is pretty rural with no phone or internet. Since Im in the rafting business and work a lot with student groups we built a small ecolodge educational lodge for our student groups on the Pacuare River. Very close to one named Pacuare Lodge which is a higher scale lodge on the river. Along with Turrialba the Orosi valley is home to some incredible spots also. Im available to talk these days at 352 694 3462 or and would love to meet you and your wife and would be happy to drive you around the areas of both of Orosi and Turrialba if you wanted to hang out for a few days.

      Thanks for reaching out through the blog and looking forward to hearing from you.

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