Pacuare Lodge Rafting Adventure Costa Rica

Yesterday I took another group into the Pacuare Lodge which is a very unique place located on the side of the Pacuare River in Costa Rica surrounded by lush primary rainforest. It was a family of 4 from Canada and we had an amazing day on the river. I picked them up in San Jose around 9am where we drove 3 hours to the river put in. One of the best part for the kids is that the last 1/2 hour I have to put the Land Rover in off-road mode and it is quite the adventure as we make our way down to the river. Since I own the car and the raft I like to make it as privately operated as possible giving the family the affect of being out in the middle of nowhere off the beaten path. We arrived to the river around 11:30am where we began rafting for 2 hours before stopping for a river lunch. The kids were age 9 and 13 and the 9 year old was a small girl so I kept her nearby making sure she did not flop out of the raft. I have been rafting rivers in Costa Rica for 10 years and there is no trip I enjoy more than the private family adventures and especially when it is the first time rafting for the kids.

When we arrive to the Pacuare Lodge it is around 5 in the afternoon after spending some time hiking to waterfalls, the river lunch, and some adventurous class III rapids. We passed two class III rapids that I told the kids we were going to name after them so now they will have two rapids in the Pacuare River forever named after them (at least on my tours I can use the names). We are greeted at the Pacuare Lodge by many of my friends who offer the first class service you would expect from a luxurious lodge. The Lodge is surrounded by nature and only accessible by raft. The family will be spending two nights at the Lodge where I will rafting them out on the after the second night. It is a great way to spend two nights as you are surrounded by nature completely and it is an experience in the tropics that is very unique on one of the top 3 most scenic rivers on the planet.

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