Our Top 3 Small Boutique Hotels of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as the godfather of ecotourism. In a nutshell ecotourism is keeping the travel money in country along with having a minimal impact on the environment. Many of the small boutique hotels in Costa Rica are owned by foreigners but these foreigners reside in Costa Rica using Costa Rican bank accounts keeping the money in Costa Rica.

To be a small boutique hotel in Costa Rica we like to say you are a hotel with less than 40 rooms and this can be stretching it depending the layout of the hotel. We also ask that your attention to service is what we call over the top. Along with these two characteristics comes without saying the luxury of the rooms and overall ambience of a small hotel.

Small boutique hotels in Costa Rica  are places we really enjoy taking our guest to because they fit so nicely with the ideals of our company and the type of family vacations we offer because of the attention to service on a small personalized level. Here is a list of 3 of our favorite small boutique hotels that go over the top with service.

1.) Casa Turire Hotel - Located in the valley of Turrialba this is a 16 bedroom plantation style luxurious hotel sitting on a lake with views of the smoking Turrialba volcano. The people from Turrialba are genuine and kind making for the perfect staff to offer excellence service.

2.) Villa Blanca Hotel – A former vacation home of an ex-president of Costa Rica the Villa Blanca Hotel is located in the cloud forest between San Jose and the Arenal Volcano. The weather is cool and each luxurious room has a fire place and a traditional touch to the design of the era of Costa Rica 100 years ago.

3.) Flor Blanca Resort - One of the finest Small boutique hotels you will find on any beach in Costa Rica. The Flor Blanca Resort is located on the beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa and offers a chance to relax, enjoy yoga, and test your skills of surfing while spending your afternoons relaxing in the luxury of your private villas.

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