One of the Coolest things Just Happened in Costa Rica…

If you have been to Costa Rica or live in Costa Rica you probably are familiar with the street dogs that roam streetdogthe streets. After reading this article that came out 3 weeks ago in the New York Times “Dogs are People Too”, I promised our dog loving secretary Anne that this is the year we will develop a project to help street dogs.The study shows and proves the unbelievable evidence of the emotions dogs share with humans.

One study says that there are over 1 million street dogs in Costa Rica. Many of these dogs are cared for by communities where a home might leave a dish of rice out and the same dog comes back morning and night after a day of wondering the streets. Many of the dogs though do not share such fortunate fate living a much rougher life on the roads with lack of food and shelter.

The “coolest thing that just happened in Costa Rica” is that this last week 17 street dogs graduated from the Costa Rica police academy and will be working alongside long enforcement in Costa Rica. This was perfect timing after reading the New York Times Article, helping to give an optimistic view of ways to help. If you ask me you probably cant find a tougher cop dog than the street dogs that have learned to survive on their own, dodged traffic for years, and probably most impressively never complained about anything.

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