Is Costa Rica Kid Friendly?

Costa Rica is a very kid friendly country. Whether you are living or visiting the Ticos love their kids and if you can kick a soccer ball they will probably love you a little bit more.
But regardless if you are the next Messi or not the Costa Rica tourism industry has evolved as a very kid friendly operation. I credit the early discovers of Costa Rica tourism who were the surfers who came looking for the perfect wave and the biologists who came looking for whatever they found.
Many of those surfers came back to Costa Rica years later with money, families, and adventurous kids making the Costa Rican family adventure of surfing, zipping, rafting, rappeling, and more, the staple of visiting Costa Rica. Thr Pacific Coast has great waves for surfers of all levels and that really was the initial influx of the original family vacationeers in Costa Rica which later extended to combining more of what Costa Rica had to offer.
As surfers came back, the biologists came back with their kids. All parents want their children to experience what as a parent we think are amazing life moments. Ziplining through the trees to see, hear, and feel the wonders of the rainforest was on a family experience bucket list for any biologist.
Here are some of the reasons why Costa Rica is kid friendly:
  • Tour companies accommodate age and size
  • Outgoing and friendly people
  • Kid friendly hotels
  • Menus have kid sections
  • Transportation has jumper seat/buckle-up laws

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