Hacienda Tayutic Costa Rica Pro’s & Con’s

The Hacienda Tayutic can not be that bad of a place to stay because everyone’s favorite George Clooney decided to spend vacation time there and rumor has it he left very satisfied. The Hacienda Tayutic is located in a small village called Sitio de Mata where we happen to operate many of our Student Groups. Hidden among fields of sugar-cane is this Hacienda with only 6 bedrooms for lodging. It is a small place but with a big view. The service is very personalized and you can almost compare it to a Hacienda Bed & Breakfast but a little more privacy than your average B&B.

If you are traveling with families the only down side is the pool is very small and often times of cooler tempature. The Hacienda Tayutic is a great place for honeymoons and getting some down time. If you are traveling with families we highly suggest taking a stroll out into the local village where you can meet some of our village friends. We have even set up a project that we call “Proyecto Sitio de Mata” and this is a chance to watch the local kids dance, eat some local food, and enjoy the best part of Costa Rica which is it’s people.

Let me know if your interested in making this a part of your vacationing experience as the locals of Dona Fressy and family always have the door open.

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