Costa Rica top 5 Greenest on Earth

The Environmental Performance Index has listed Costa Rica as the number 5 most environmental friendly country on the planet. This is a study done by Yale and Columbia Universities published last week. Not a bad place for Costa Rica to be considering it is the only country in the America’s to make the top 10 to join the company of Switzerland, Sweden, France, Austria and others alike.

Some of the worst countries to make the list were Kuwait, Yemen, South Africa, and Iraq. The USA moved up from 60th place to 49th. Funny how oil countries fall last. As long as we keep buying oil they will treat it as gold. The middle-east is no where near being environmentally friendly and sad to say it is because of the oil consumption of China, India, & USA. With the money these countries make off oil they are able to fund the same terrorist that turn around and attack. Because we are the ones that pay for the oil we are indirectly paying for somebody to attack us. Its not rocket science and with this mentality of oil oil oil we are environmentally doomed and politically fighting terrorism until who knows when.

Sorry I got off rambling but the point is we need to look at the environmentally friendly countries and not compete at a local level but start making decisions in this globalized economy that will make the EARTH environmentally friendly. Join us on a Costa Rica vacation and we promise to teach you how you can make a difference!

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