Does Costa Rica have all Inclusive Resorts?

Many people want to know if Costa Rica has all-inclusive resorts. The answer is yes but not on the scale that Cancun or some Caribbean islands do. The all-inclusive resorts once you arrive are just like any other all inclusive you have been too with the shows, lavish buffets, pools the size of a Costco.

All of the all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica are found on the Pacific Coast of the country. Starting from the Central Pacific up through the North Pacific you will find them. They are spread out far and few along the large rigid coastline. All-inclusive goers fly into Liberia Airport (LIR) and make the short drive to the beaches where all-inclusives can be find.

The all-inclusives in Costa Rica range in price from your 5-star top dollar resorts to ones that are more affordable. An all-inclusive for families is a great option for families that are looking for the easy relaxing vacation while getting to visit Costa Rica and not needing to see much more other than the resort. Most offer side excursions which can easily be booked through the concierge office.

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