Camping Adventures Costa Rica

What to do when a country becomes a little too touristy? Well fortunately for Costa Rica the terrain is very mountainous which leaves many nooks and corners yet to be discovered. Here at Costa Rican Resource we urge for the mornings we wake up and see emails from those adventurous families looking for some adventure and want to incorporate camping into their itinerary.

We have explored so many different parts of Costa Rica that literally have jaw-dropping views that will make you feel like you are on top of the world. Our camping adventures range from hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, and 4X4′s. Our goal is to go at your pace and to get you to your next camp spot where we set everything up and treat you like royalty. Once we arrive to each campsite your only job will be to sit and enjoy the views of places where no other tourist will be seen.

Our backcountry camping adventures in Costa Rica are some of the most unique expeditions. We specialize in accomodating for all ages as we feel sleeping outdoors can be a life changing experience.

Why are there no Mosquitos while camping in Costa Rica?

Those of you that think there are a lot of mosquitos for sleeping outdoors you will be surpised to know that the mosquitos are nothing like the ferocious large blood sucking monsters in North America. There are a few theories to why and one is that the ability of small mammals in the tropics to be able to bat, swap, and avoid mosquitos has caused the little pest to evolve into a smaller more illusive species that you often hardly notice during your stay in Costa Rica.

We look forward to hearing from you and joining us on a backcountry camping adventure with the experts that know Costa Rica off the beaten path!

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