Be Conscience of How you Travel

There are many things that can affect wether a vacation goes good or bad for your family. You should also be conscience of how your vacation is affecting the local families around you when you visit a foreign area. After having guided many Costa Rica family vacations I thought I would pass on 6 common ideas that come to mind when explaining to people the ethics of traveling:

1.) Be Aware of where you money Goes - You try to make good investments in the stock market for a better future so you best try to make good investments to environmentally friendly and locally owned hotels for a better future also.

2.) Learn & Respect Local Customs and Traditions - Remember your way is not the only way.

3.) Protect the Flor & Fuana – Do not take souvenirs such as sea-shells, stones, or plants.

4.) Look for Low Impact Activities – Driving 4-wheelers through the rainforest is to some animals the same as driving a 4-wheeler through your living room. Take advantage of enjoying other activities while on vacation that you can not find at home.

5. Conserve Water – If you don’t need something washed don’t wash it like your hotel sheets every night. Water is on the brink of being the next gold and it’s time we start treating it like that.

6. Leave all your Preconceptions of the world at home – there is a wonderful and exciting adventure ahead of you with something to learn behind every door. Nobody on Earth will ever know everything and never understand why so many people do so many different things. The best part about traveling is being blessed enough to feel the rush of something so different. Embrace it and Enjoy!


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