Arenal Volcano, Awake?!!!

In the last three years the Arenal Volcano has decided to take a vacation. The activity has been non-existent and the days of watching glowing red lava pour down the sides were thought to be over.

Arenal Volcano 3 years ago

Arenal Volcano 3 years ago

In the last few weeks there have been numerous different activities heard and seen from the volcano. None of these have resulted in lava flow. According to OVSICORI (The Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica) they thought it was due to the rainy season and the heavy rains during the month of September. The rain fall will fill the crater and then seep into cracks which were heated and result in steam coming out of the volcano giving it the affect of being more active then it really is.

In the last few days OVISICORI has looked closer at the activity. They found out that the activity is not rain related and that the volcano might be experiencing the start of a new active period with possible lava flow.

This is something that the locals in the area would love to see. It sounds odd the locals wishing for the nearby volcano to blow but the truth is that tourism has dropped in the area in the last three years during the these quiet years of the volcano.

We will keep you posted if Arenal decides to offer us some lava flow like she did in the days of old!

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