5 Ways to Detox from your Smartphone

We have come to an age of being smartphone junkies and if you are not there yet just wait until you get hooked.Hooked on Phone This arguably might be the fastest growing addiction incomparable to any drug in history and we pass them out to our kids! Studies have shown that receiving a “Like” on facebook offers the brain a quick shot of dopamine which is the same affect a drug like cocaine can give you. If your brain likes the shot of dopamine (which all brains do) then chances are you will be anxious for the next shot. Which brings us to where we are today checking our devices every 20 minutes or sometimes less. There is actually a name for phone addicts now called Nomophobes Ok so this is a bit extreme way of looking at it but we wanted your attention.

Before blowing the whistle on the use of smartphones and technology it can not go without saying that these little devices are crucial for living the lives we live. But now more than ever we need to be conscious of finding a balance of using them to our advantage but not letting them rob us of our time and allow our brain to remember it can get shots of dopamine in other forms. One form of getting a dopamine shot is companionship with friends and family which is exactly what we are trading for the “Like” – dopamine shots.

Here are 5 ways we thought work for detoxing from your Smartphone that have to deal with nature. If you know more please feel free to share.

1.) Lay on your back outside and cloud watch!
2.) Call a friend and ask them to meet you at the park w/o their phone.
3.) Leave your smart phone in the car on a rainy day! It works perfect and then read a book (one that has real pages)
4.) Have a meal at an outside restaurant with friends. Put all of your phones on the table one on top of the other and the first person to touch their phone is responsible for paying for the meal.
5.) If you can’t do any of these detox methods then start but using your phone for only phone “calls” and NO text for an entire day! or atleast download an app like iNaturalist which can help you become aware of things in the natural world and log different things you see.
BONUS: 6.) Read – Sherry Turkle, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

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