5 Things to do to Kill Time in the Airport

Being a tour guide I am the guy that is standing outside of the airport with a sign. I’m often surrounded by 10 other tour guides talking about the latest in the industry and filling 90% of the time with jokes about each other. ┬áHaving also have had the opportunity to travel the world I can say that outside the airport is not the only place for waiting around. Being inside the airport we all know can bring about a lot of time to kill.

I recently ready a post by lonely planet of things you can do in the airport to kill time and I really enjoyed the post by most of their items were eat a lot or travel to Malaysia where they have a rainforest in the airport. Assuming your next trip might not be to Malaysia and that you don’t feel like stuffing your face I would suggest 5 different otpions.

1.) First of all one thing I enjoy doing is eating as little as possible. If your health permits doing a fast is often fun on a travel day. I start out with a hearty breakfast but then fast during all transit which makes my trip pretty cheap but also a bit of a cleansing which can be fun followed by a nice meal upon arriving to your destination.

2.) People watching is almost a must and everyone will be doing it. Give yourself categories and keep count. How many people on cell phones? How many people with OCD while they walk? How many people are drinking Starbucks? The best part about this is your not connected to anything. No cell phone and no internet is almost unheard of these days. Its fun to disconnect in places where its easy to connect.

3.) Start a conversation is something that nobody really wants to do these days. If you are a conversation starter people think you are probably some sort of missionary about to start preaching. Start a conversation and make it a point to give out two personal facts about you such as your name and something that is of interest to you. Hi, I’m Tom and I love protecting the environment. Get a feel for their reaction and you will be surprised at the different responses.

4.) Imagine yourself on different flights. This is somewhat of a meditative experience and not everyone might not hop on for the ride but if you walk to a few different gates, look at the destination, and then imagine yourself walking off the plane on the other end and where you will go it is a fun experience and a way to just relax for a few moments and allow you mind to get creative.

5.) Call somebody you have not talked to in awhile and you should have called more recently. Be it an Aunt or Uncle, brother or nephew, there are plenty of people on our list.

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