5 Costa Rican Themed Halloween Costumes

If you have not decided on a Halloween Costume this year and you love Costa Rica you might want to try 5 of these costumes that we happen to think would be great ideas:

1.) Sloth – We thought this was pretty classic to wear while sitting on the couch watching a game and getting up every 15 minutes to give candy to treaters of which you dont see much of in Costa Rica but you are starting to see more. sloth

2.) Vestidos Tipicos – This is the traditional wear of kids and adults used in many different cultural activities. Depending on what part of the country you live depends on the color of your dresses. vestidotipico

3.) Coffee Bean – Costa Rica’s “Grano de Oro” which means the “Golden Bean” having brought so much growth and development in the last 150 years. coffeebean

4.) Barva Mascarada – The town of Barva is the costume capital of Costa Rica located in the hills of Heredia. The name of their costumes are Mascaradas and they can be custom designed and sit on the shoulders with enormous heads used in many different festivals. barbamascara

5.) Captain JAM – Captain JAM is Costa Rica’s most sought after super-hero. Actually he is just a super hero we designed for our company to get local kids out into nature. Here Elian shows off his Captain JAM outfit from his birthday party. J.A.M> is an acronym in Spanish for (Jale Afuera Mae) meaning “Lets Get Outside Dude!” offering opportunities for local kids to enjoy the adventures of rafting, zip lining, volcanos, and waterfalls. eliancapt

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