42 Million Homeless Last Year

Due to natural disaster there were 42 million people homeless. Many of these victims where close to home due to flooding and tornados in the United States. Not too many people can ignore the fact that global warming has already affected the climate.

Here in Costa Rica it is all about trees. The tropical forest has declined in deforestation in the last decade. This is good looking at the decade but the Amazon basin which is the largest remaining tropical rainforest rose 500% in the

last year and two environmentalist were just killed for protesting new laws to expand farming areas.

It is not a problem about cutting down trees. People will always be cutting down trees as long as there is a demand for them. The reward for not cutting down trees must out weigh the reward for cutting them down. Unfortunately this is how society operates. This method will just be a quick fix. F


uture generations will have to face another unforeseen problem of corruptions or a planet with too many trees (I really dont think that would be a problem though).

I just had to write a quick post after seeing that 42 million people are homeless which is twice as much as the amount in 2009.

Enjoy your day and if you are interested in an ecotourism vacation to Costa Rica where you can learn about the importance of our tropical


rainforest and living in a sustainable way then please contact us. We plan to offset all air travel when visiting us.


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