Costa Rica

Educational Family Costa Rica Vacation Packages

There are two types of families. The family that uses vacation as an escape to simply de-charge. Then there is the family that uses the vacation as an opportunity to grow and learn. Costa Rica is the perfect spot for … read more


What are the most touristy spots of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has become a popular tourist destination over the last 20 years. While it is still nothing like Las Vegas, Cancun, or most cruise destinations it has some areas of the country that are 100% dependent on the influx … read more


Does Costa Rica have all Inclusive Resorts?

Many people want to know if Costa Rica has all-inclusive resorts. The answer is yes but not on the scale that Cancun or some Caribbean islands do. The all-inclusive resorts once you arrive are just like any other all inclusive … read more


One of the Healthiest Spots in Costa Rica

If you have heard the sang “you are what you eat” and you have ever stopped for a second to consider the benefits of a healthy diet then we found a place that will literally shock your mind and senses. … read more


One of the Coolest things Just Happened in Costa Rica…

If you have been to Costa Rica or live in Costa Rica you probably are familiar with the street dogs that roam the streets. After reading this article that came out 3 weeks ago in the New York Times “Dogs … read more


Is “Namaste” replacing “Pura Vida”?

As we don’t think “Pura Vida” will ever get replaced, Costa Rica is a country of some of the worlds finest natural beauties and is having different influences from all over the world because of this as foreigners visit and … read more