Owner: Tom Ranieri

With a country full of amazing people, a landscape that day after day just blows your mind, and some of the best rivers on the planet, I decided to call Costa Rica home.

With this said, the goal of starting Costa Rican Resource was to get people out into nature to realizing that each and every human on the planet is a part of our natural world. Some might think we offer only rustic adventures but some of our most luxurious vacations are simply done using places that use sustainable practices when ever possible.

Our company is small and we operate at a very personalized level allowing every client to feel as if they are part of the family when they leave. Our dedication to operating every tour in a sustainable manner and leaving every client with a better awareness of not only the amazing country of Costa Rica but also aware of different environmental issues that affects the world's natural beauty.

We hope you join us for your Costa Rica Adventure and get excited with us about an opportunity to do so much for yourselves and your children. In giving them a trip to Costa Rica you are giving them an appreciation of nature and in doing that giving them and your grandkids a much better future.