In Costa Rica many people visit to see the Turtles nesting their eggs. You will find four different species of sea-turtles in Costa Rica and their current schedules for nesting are as followed:

  • Hawksbill --- This is one of the more rare species to see in Costa Rica but if you are lucky you can find the Hawksbill on the Caribbean coast near the beach of Cahuita during the months of September to October.
  • Leatherback --- You will find the Leatherback sea-turtle on the Caribbean side during the months of March through July. The Leatherback can also be found on the Pacific from September to March.
  • Green Turtle --- The Green turtle you will find from June to October on the northern Caribbean coast in the area of Tortuguero National Park.
  • Olive Ridley --- This turtle can be found all year on the Pacific and found from July to November on the Caribbean side.