Costa Rica is similar to many other Latin America countries where much of the tradition and customs are related to religious issues. Over 75% of Costa Ricans are Catholic. This gives way to the many traditions of the Catholic faith which are events of baptism, marriage, confirmation, and a traditional Costa Rican funeral which is a viewing the day of the death and burial the very next day and a reunion of family members nine days after the death.

Costa Ricans are hard working individuals but always willing to leave something until the next day. The recent arrival of international businesses and growth of tourism has made the "Latin Time" a little less acceptable but you are always willing to hear the "Pura Vida" being said for anything that might be on "Latin Time". Men and women are treated with many equal rights in Costa Rica while men still hold the machismo role, love playing soccer, drinking, and commenting on the beauty of their fellow countrywomen.

Some of the many traditions fall surround holidays in Costa Rica. The 24th of December everyone stays up til midnight with the family. During Easter week there are processions all over, closing many of the streets. The end of the year is time for families to go to the beach as the kids are on summer break from mid December to mid February.