As with most economies Costa Rica shrank slightly in 2009 but has had growth on average for the last decade. The section that was hit the hardest was the tourism industry but saw a bounce back in 2010 and we are back and rolling! Costa Rica's heavy hitters in the economy are now micro-chips made by Intel, IBM, & HP, along with agriculture such as coffee, pineapple, and banana, and the big money-maker in Costa Rica is the export of foreign visitors in one piece in an industry we like to call TOURISM!

Costa Rica can boast of the highest per capita income in the region which is just over $11,000 and unemployment is at 7.3%. But there is still much to be done here in Costa Rica that a strong economy will need to be present. Only 3.5% of Costa Rica's sewage is treated in facilities. This is an odd statement coming from the country that used 99% renewable energy and is known as a pioneer in conservation having 30% of it's land protected. With this said according to many scientists and ecologists, Costa Rica's most prized possessions are their untouched natural resources and the value these resources give to us through photosynthesis, water cycle, renewal of soil, and true eco-tourism. This is what we call a sustainable investment in keeping close tabs on the natural wonders of Costa Rica.