If you visited Costa Rica 20 years ago and you arrive today you will notice two things about the driving. The first will be is that there are still potholes but not as many. The second will be is that there are a lot more vehicles on the road. You will notice this pulling out of the San Jose Airport as it is filled with traffic.

The Costa Rica Adventure of renting a car is always an option but we like to think that our way of transit is a bit more attractive and relaxing. Our style is "leave the driving to us" and our guides will take the stress out of finding your way on the roads of a foreign country, will stop at interesting places and at the right times (like sunset spots) and give you accurate commentaries on what you're driving by.

Caldera Highway

If you can remove a few hours from drive time in a Costa Rica Family Vacation then you are making everyone in the car happy and you will probably have some more time at the beach or you can spend more time Whitewater Rafting the Pacuare River. Well this all became possible when heading to the Pacific side in the last few years. The Caldera highway is now open and it is without a doubt your straight shot to the Pacific. This all sounds good but like many roads going through mountains it is often closed. It is good to know the detours and when the detours are crowded it is good to know the detours of the detours which is something we take pride in knowing very well.


The Free Back Massage

If you are ready for a free back massage you usually do not have to go much farther than just signing up for one of or Costa Rica Adventure Tours. If we are taking you down to the Pacuare River or maybe getting you ready for a 150ft Costa Rica Waterfall Rappel that you will see nobody else at, then it is time for some 4-wheel driving. Our vehicles are geared to get your through the roads you will face on your Costa Rica Adventure Tours.

Just to give you an idea of what roads can be like in Costa Rica, you have to imagine that the country is about 50 miles wide with a very large mountain range running through the center of the country. This mountain range can rise up to 13,000ft and on average around 10,000ft right down the middle of the country. Now add rain and rain and more rain up in these mountains and you have very steep and wet roads. Now I don't want to scare you off. With the infrastructure that the tourism boom has brought almost all areas now are quite easy to get to but it is one reason why after Christopher Columbus visited the "Rich Coast - Costa Rica" for the first time, his return trip was not too much of a success because the terrain was difficult to get through. You have to remember though it is this difficult terrain that has kept much of this country so beautiful. If you visit our Costa Rica Spanish School in Sitio de Mata you will see exactly what we are talking about with just a five minute ride on a bumpy road you arrive at a village that is one of our favorite spots in all of Costa Rica.

If you are not into the adventure off-roading there are plenty of itineraries that will fit a smooth ride from start to finish and you can save the back massages for the Costa Rica Spas.