Costa Rica is still considered one of the safest countries in Central America for traveling. Over the last 10 years our company has had no major incidence involving crime and much of it has to do with knowing the area, the people, and not putting ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Like any place in the world that has had a tourism boom you will find the select few that are looking to take advantage of a camera laying around in a rental car or a taxi driver looking to charge a little extra for cab fare. In the last three years Costa Rica has added a police force that is a "Tourism Force" and they do an excellent job of patrolling the touristy areas. Many of our Costa Rica Adventures are outside of the touristy areas. Here we get into less populated areas and actually get into the nice wholesome country-side of Costa Rica which is probably one of the safest places on the planet when it comes to living the Pura Vida!

Local Police

During a Costa Rica Family Adventure we always consider safety first, be it in the whitewater rafting tours, driving on the roads, or keeping an eye on your personal belongings. What will keep us all safe, just like anywhere in the world, is to not be naive and follow the advise of guides who know the area.

You will see Costa Rica on the news or read a negative review on the internet every now and then but you can just as easily turn on the Maimi news and find many stories just as negative. We feel Costa Rica is the perfect spot for a family vacation first and foremost because of the safety that Costa Rica offers.