Packing List

During a Costa Rica Adventure tour or just a relaxing Costa Rica vacation you want to always make sure you are packing correctly and informed about the different extremes in weather in the tropics than where you might be traveling from. There are many different activities you might be doing during your Costa Rica vacation from whitewater rafting, canyoneering, or just sitting on the beach. For the best comfort and most importantly least amount of blisters to take home as souvenirs you want to make sure you check and double check your packing list before your Costa Rica adventure tour. Take a look at a packing list that we have developed over the years of things you should bring:

Things to bring to Costa Rica

  • Up-to-date Passport (if US, good for thirty days from day of arrival)
  • EXTREMELY CASUAL... can be hot, cold, sunny and wet all in one day
  • Shorts for hiking and hanging out
  • T-Shirts, polo shirts, or hiking shirts
  • Pair of long pants or jeans for hikes
  • Bathing suits (good to have 2 because sometimes you need a 2nd before 1st is dry)
  • Water shoes with straps for rafting, zip-lining & rappelling
  • Flip-flops for shower or getting up at night.
  • Light jacket (gets cool in the evening)
  • Light rain gear – you will use it daily
  • Hats and sunglasses, bug spray
  • Sunscreen – sun is very intense, and then it rains!
  • Camera and camera cards
  • Toiletry items
  • Prescription meds (pack at least 2-day supply in carry-on)
  • Dramamine – your new best friend & mine, I like to keep the bus clean!
  • Large Ziploc or plastic trash bags for traveling from hotel to hotel with wet bathing suits or wet dirty shoes
  • Day pack / Back pack