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Yoga in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is quickly becoming a popular escape for those looking to do Yoga in a tropical paradise. Yoga and Nature go hand in hand. Studies have shown that both yoga and nature have been found to lower stress levels and do wonders to our well-being. Combining them together offers the ultimate calming experience. Yoga can be found all over Costa Rica from the Caribbean, South Pacific, San Jose, and the "Little India" of Costa Rica--Nosara. Some of the finest and most experienced instructors from around the world have decided to call Costa Rica their home and make a living out of doing Yoga in Costa Rica.

Doing Yoga in Costa Rica consists of many different options. The options you can choose from are: Yoga retreats, Yoga teacher training courses, or just simply a day of Yoga on your Costa Rica vacation. Most of the retreats run from one week to one month. The Teacher Training courses, depending on your course, can be from one week to two months.

If you are into Yoga or if you have never done Yoga before there is no better place to give it a try than Costa Rica. The natural beauty, warm weather, and easy going people make it a fine place to practice yoga.

Below you will find a list of some of the many different places in Costa Rica that offer Yoga, from retreats, teacher training, or a day of Yoga at your resort.

Yoga Hotels, Resorts, & Ecolodges

Retreats & Teacher Training