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Small Boutique Hotels Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the godfather of ecotourism and with this comes the respect to small business's and low impact travel. There are few better ways to support the ideals of Costa Rican tourism than spending your stay in a small boutique hotel. Often owners are on-site and a resident of Costa Rica meaning your investment will be keeping your dollars in Costa Rica. You will have the chance to enjoy over the top service giving you the real opportunity to meet and become friends with employees as compared to just being a room number in the breakfast buffet.

The small boutique hotels of Costa Rica can be found in all parts of the country from remote mountain hotels down to the beaches. This gives you the option of staying your entire family vacation in just small boutique hotels.

We invite you to take a look at some of our favorite small boutique hotels in Costa Rica and join us in planning a memorable family vacation using these small hotels that we know well and are confident you will love and enjoy.