Can Hurricanes hit Costa Rica? Irene hit New York…

The answer to this question for many years has been that hurricanes can not hit Costa Rica. But could this change? The reason I bring up this questions is because of the recent hurricane of Irene that hit the New England east coast of USA August 28th 2011.

If you asked anyone in the New York or Boston area if hurricanes could hit them and they were a weather scientist they might say, no or atleast very rare. There reason for saying no is that the cool waters and high altitude wind shears which would both help in knocking down the strength of approaching storms. To make this simple with global warming the waters have become warmer on the eastern coast by 1 degree to 3 degrees according to Jeff Masters of Weather Underground. There are still wind shears which was able to knock down the strength of Irene just a bit but the warmer waters is what gave Hurrican Irene the opportunity to visit the New England area and global warming was the cause of warmer waters.

This last year has been one of the craziest years on record including some of the warmest tempatures ever recorded and record setting $1 billion dollar natural disasters from tornados, droughts, and floods. You can not help but say to yourself what the heck is going on? The answer has been told to us a million of times dating back to the 1989 when Bill McKibben wrote the first global warming book called “The End of Nature”. Well it turns out Nature has not ended but we very well could be on the threshold of altering our climate system for a very long time to a very uncomfortable state.

Our man in Science for the US is James Hansen, who has been the lead scientist for NASA. He is like the Lebron James for scientist but unlike Lebron in the finals, James Hansen has a will not to “choke” when it comes to alerting the world of global warming. He is now the federal government’s premier climate scientist and has said that if we tap into the tar sands of northern Alberta and connect them to the Gulf of Mexico we will be tapping into the largest carbon storage on the entire continent. This project would run a 1,300 mile pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico with crude oil. The project is known as the Keystone pipeline. Jame’s Hansen is quoted by saying if this happens –”game over for climate”. This would also put a major delay on using new and cleaner technology as the US would not have to look elsewhere for energy.

It is mind boggling that some people just do not understand global warming or do not want to understand it. I am no scientist but if you read up about certain guys who have been studying this for years you start to realize they are not in this for their own benefit they are simply in it for their own grandchildren. Which happens to be the title of a book James Hansen wrote where this simple scientist is said to have taken off his gloves and let the world know we are simply running out of time.  Storm’s of my Grandchildren

With all this said I have no idea if global warming could bring future hurricanes to Costa Rica, I would have to do some research and talk to some people that might have a good explanation. But what I do know now is that the affects of global warming is already underway and it is time to wake up and simply stop denying it just because it is inconvenient for us or because others might not agree with us. It is going to be much more inconvenient for our grandchildren to live in a world that had it’s climate completely mudilated by ingorance.

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