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Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Luxury Hotels & Resorts of Costa Rica are the perfect blend of allowing the most modern and luxurious accommodations to connect with the beauty of Costa Rica's alluring natural environment.

When deciding on your next Costa Rican luxury hotel or resort your options are quite large, from a list of different styles of architecture in a variety of different natural environments. The list consist of large mega resorts to small boutique hotels. You will also find luxurious hotel options in remote isolated areas along with options in more developed and populated tourist.

The structures and views of all these places are absolutely beautiful and one extra plus that we have always noticed in Costa Rica is the service. With an educational system for the last 50 years that is well above average for the region Costa Rica has been able to educate and embrace the tourism boom and offer high quality service in the area of luxury hotels. As you know the topic of service can change a hotel from a 5-Star to a NO-Star. As with anyplace on the planet you will always find somebody having a bad day but for the most part Costa Rica's tourism industry has taken service to the next level in this region of the world.

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