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If you visit Costa Rica long enough you will start to enjoy the food but if you come thinking you are on a cuisine tour like they do in Italy you will be greatly disappointed. With the tourist boom and the development in the last 15 years Costa Rica has seen some world class restaurants come into the Central Valley and coastal areas. What we really want you to know though is the traditional authentic food of Costa Rica. To say it simply the food is simple. Servings of rice and beans are a must along with chicken, plantains, and some natural juice. Probably the most impressive food you can find in Costa Rica during your stay is the tropical fruits. You have never tasted freshness like the taste of biting into the mangos, guanabana, cas, and literally hundreds more.

If you consider coffee to be food then this is your spot for the heavy coffee drinkers. The coffee is grown all over Costa Rica and some might tell you that the best coffee is exported but that is not true in all cases. Do you think a country that has abolished its army, developed solid education, and leads the world in conservation, would be stupid enough to export the best coffee?

Along with bringing home coffee for a souvenir almost everyone that visits takes home a small bottle of Lizano Salsa. This is a small bottle you will find on almost every table in Costa Rica and is a small vegetable-based salsa that you can use on almost anything.