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Ecolodges of Costa Rica

With the growing industry of tourism in Costa Rica it has never been as important as now to be conscious of how you travel. Costa Rica makes efforts to allow hotels the opportunity and training to operate in an eco-friendly manner. The experts and pioneers of this style of lodging are some of the first conservationists that ventured down to Costa Rica more than 50 years ago and introduced the concept of ecolodges.

Ecolodges in Costa Rica can now be found all over the country and each ecolodge is not only a place to stay but a chance to be educated on the many different forms in which a hotel can adapts and run in sync with it's natural surroundings. Costa Rican Ecolodges can range from some of the most luxurious accommodations or more rustic tent lodging giving travelers of all budgets a chance to enjoy this unique and remarkable style of traveling.