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Costa Rica National Parks & Reserves

A Costa Rica Vacation can take you to some of the most Costa Rican luxurious hotels in the tropics and most beautiful ecolodges on the planet. You will be missing out though if you do not visit mother nature's finest places of Costa Rica and that is the Costa Rica National Park & Reserve Network.

Here you will find 4% of the planets biodiversity and over a million hectares of land not including the mangrove system (all mangroves in Costa Rica are preserved and belong to the State). This makes for around 25% of land in Costa Rica is protected. There is a total of 161 parks and reserves around country of Costa Rica. For most people that are visiting Costa Rica they will visit only a handful of parks which goes to show that it is always worth coming back for a second Costa Rica vacation.

Here is a short description with some helpful information that you might find useful during your Costa Rica adventure tour. We hope you decide to visit some of the most secluded spots in one of the most protected countries in all of the tropics.

Source: Costa Rica National Parks Guide INCAFO COSTA RICA

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