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Costa Rica Canyoneering & Waterfall Rappeling

The sport of canyoneering you might associate with the Utah where during the summer months those looking for an adventure of a lifetime filled the beautiful canyons making their way down those canyons with a cord and some climbing gear. Well with ecotourism as big as it is in Costa Rica you can imagine it did not take long before the idea of canyoneering in the beautiful tropical canyons of Costa Rica became one of the more popular adventures during your Costa Rica family adventure tour. There is also the more simple waterfall rappel which is often a part of canyoneering but sometimes there are tours where you can just do one rappel and then be on your way to the hotel and not have to worry about making your way down a canyon. (Difference Between Waterfall Rappeling and Canyoneering - Click Here) As a company we operate a few different canyoneering adventures some of which we do ourselves and others we outsource to use different canyons. If you attend our spanish school in Sitio de Mata chances are we will take you on a canyoneering adventure if you are up for it.

There are waterfalls all over Costa Rica and the list is almost endless where you can enjoy the sport of canyoneering or just a simple waterfall rappel. Take a look at some of the spots we enjoy taking our clients when they are looking for a little adrenaline rush when visiting Costa Rica.