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Core Values

Commitment to Excellent Service: We provide personalized service from booking your custom tour to the farewell at the airport.

Values today thinking of the future
  • Trip Planning: Your vacation should be just that a vacation. When booking your travel you deal directly with CRR Tours. All of our tours are privately operated and designed for you and your family. We take the stress out of your planning and personally handle all your reservations for hotels, transportation, and adventures. We pride ourselves in being a small personal company not a big corporation. When you contact our office you deal directly with our staff which is available to serve your needs and plan the best trip possible. We are flexible to serve any and all needs whether it is monetary or dietary.
  • Your Trip:From the moment you land you will be greeted by your personal tour guide(s) and driver. All guides and drivers are professionals and travel with you to serve you the best we can. Often times there is a good chance your guide helped you plan your trip. We understand traveling to a foreign country can be stressful and uncomfortable at times and we are always conscience of your needs and safety. We are committed to make every trip an excellent trip.

2. Safety: Any type of travel has inherent risks and we always make safety a priority. All of our guides are qualified and up to date on their certifications- from basic first-aid to Wilderness Emergency Medical Training (EMT). Our drivers all have years of experience in tourism and maintain vehicle maintenance and cleanliness. When dealing with families and small children we are always looking to improve our knowledge and stay up to date with the latest safety standards. We take all reasonable precaution to ensure your safety at all times.

3. Environmental Awareness: Our passion for traveling and showing you a great time is rivaled only by our love for nature. Your naturalist guides are experts in Costa Rican biodiversity and geography. They all have a passion both for their country and the environment. We have so much fun spending time with nature we always try to send you home with a better appreciation and understanding of it. We understand we would not be alive never mind in business if it was not for mother nature. As a result, our company goes to great lengths to promote awareness of conservation while having the lowest impact possible on the environment while we are traveling.

4.Cultural Awareness:One of the beauties of traveling internationally is to experience how another culture lives. We want you to experience the culture from the sights and sounds to the food and the people. With most of our guides being native guides and their knowledge of the country you will have the chance to get to know Costa Rica from the inside. We also offer an unparalleled experience of total emersion with our homestays. With our homestays you will not only be living and learning a new culture but at the same time directly impacting the economic development of local communities. One of the best gifts you can return home with from any trip is an appreciation of another culture and how someone else lives.

5. Helping Others:Our commitment as an ecotourism company is also to give back to the local communities through employing local guides and drivers, utilizing the homestay option, and giving back to local communities on our “days off” (rafting trips for local school and much more). Ultimately, we hope to serve our clients the best we can, help our neighbors, and to make the planet a little better place for us all to live.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi